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Facts about Actinium

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Want to know Interesting and lesser known facts about Actinium, then you are at the right place. Facts about Actinium </>
Bunch of Interesting facts about Actinium. Interesting Facts
Not Available
List of different sources of Actinium. Sources
  • Obtained by Treating Radium with Neutrons
  • Ores of metals
Lets check out the facts about history of Actinium. History of Actinium
You might be wondering who discovered Actinium metal? Who Discovered Actinium
Friedrich Oskar Giesel
Actinium metal’s discovery period. Because we think most of the metals are discovered by our ant-sisters but is it really true? Let’s Find out then! Discovery
In 1902
Abundance percentage of Actinium metal at various places. This will give you an idea about its Abundance levels. Abundance of Actinium

Actinium Facts

Curious to know about Actinium facts? These facts include a plethora of interesting stuff such as the different sources from which it gets extracted, the etymology behind its scientific name, how abundantly it occupies the earth's crust or oceans, etc. After knowing these amazing fun facts about Actinium metal, you can also explore Chemical and Physical Properties of Actinium. All such information will no doubt, leave you fascinated as you go through it!

Interesting Facts about Actinium

This is a very rare metal and very few data about this metal is available. Hence, facts about Actinium metal are currently unavailable and we will update them soon.

Sources of Actinium (Ac)

While knowing the interesting fun facts about Actinium, it's equally interesting to know the source from which it is extracted. Sources of Actinium (Ac) metal include Obtained by Treating Radium with Neutrons, Ores of metals. To explain you their biological significance, Uses of Actinium comment on how the metal influences the human life processes.

History of Actinium

History of Actinium Metal mentions its time of discovery and related fascinating facts. Are you wondering who discovered Actinium? Actinium was discovered by Friedrich Oskar Giesel in In 1902. Discovery date of most of the metals is predicted, since the exact date and the origin of majority of metals is unknown.